Questions you may have!

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Questions you may have!

What is the minimum investment?arrow2-down

Although USD $500,000 gives you access to most of the offerings, there are products starting as low as USD $100,000.

What are the fees?arrow2-down

Depends on the offering. Some offerings charge a percentage of AUMs and others charge a commission. Please contact your financial professional for additional information or look for our schedule of fees in our footer.

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How can I monitor my investments?arrow2-down

Once you open an account you will have access through our website or App, which has several functionalities such as the valuation of your account and performance of each asset. You will receive periodic statements.

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Do you provide tax advice?arrow2-down

No. Each client must discuss the tax implications of his/her investments with his/her personal tax advisor.

What are the investment risks?arrow2-down

There is no guarantee on expected performance of capital invested. Please refer to our products disclosures on the footer of the page for additional risks.

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